Solar PanelsTop 3 Ways Solar Power Energy Is Right For Your Home And Business

January 9, 2018by Creative M.

Home solar power systems are an easy, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance method of providing electricity, hot water, and central heating to our homes.

With the world facing an ever-increasing energy crisis, it is becoming more and more important that we reduce our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy such as oil, gas, and coal and begin to harness the infinite power of clean renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro and magnetic power.

Solar power which is energy from the sun is the most abundant source of energy on the planet and here are 3 reasons why we should be taking much more advantage of this clean renewable energy.

    1. Environment
      In the world at the moment we are constantly reminded of the damage we are doing to the environment with our exhaust fumes and CO2 gases produced by our ever-increasing reliance on electricity and power in our day to day lives.

Unlike non-renewable energy sources that produce these harmful gases solar energy is clean, renewable, and abundant and does not exhaust any resources, hence there is no exhaust.

  1. Renewable
    With fossil fuels running out we are on the verge of an energy revolution whereby the power we create will soon not come from oil, coal, or gas as they will become harder and more expensive to obtain and therefore we will rely much more on sources of energy which do not exhaust our planet’s resources.Such resources are solar, hydro, wind, and magnetic and are called renewable because they will always be available and can provide us with the energy we require indefinitely.
  2. Inexpensive
    Home solar power systems, be they generating electricity, heating the house, or simply heating our water, once installed do not require any running costs whatsoever.The initial price to install the system should be the only outlay you will have to pay. Commercially available solar panels range from approximately $2000 and upwards but consider the fact that your electricity and heating bills will be greatly reduced or even gone completely depending on what extent you employ your solar power.

Alternatively, if you cannot or will not pay for commercially available solar panels it is actually very easy to build one for yourself for as little as $150 using materials that are readily available and easily obtained.

There are several manuals available which walk you through the process of building your own solar panels and incorporating them into your home energy supply.

Home solar power systems do not have to be expensive to install. You will do well to find commercially available solar panels for less than $2000 each but there are other ways of sourcing them.

The great thing about harnessing solar power to produce electricity, heat water, or heat your house is that the cost is a once-off. The running costs after installation are zero so if you can get a good price on the initial installation you are making an already good deal even better.

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