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Los Angeles residential Solar Panels For Energy Efficiency

Whether you're a hardcore "get off the grid" enthusiast, or simply a homeowner who wants to cut bills while helping the environment, your bill savings build up over time.

At the same time, you're reducing your own footprint on the earth, reducing pollution, and making it possible for future generations to live in a clean, healthy atmosphere. No matter how you spin it, Los Angeles Solar is a practical choice with real, long-term potential for residential and commercial properties.
To determine how solar power offset the energy costs of your business, contact a Los Angeles Solar expert for information, and a free estimate.
In order to start reaping the rewards of harnessing solar energy, all you need to do is to contact us so we can discuss a solar energy generating system with you.
Our solar panels have no moving gears, but we offer immediate professional repair and maintenance should you need assistance on them.

Solar Panel Installation

Did you know a lot of Los Angeles homeowners and businesses are saving a fortune by taking advantage of solar installations? Today, you can do much more than simply buy lamps that run on solar power.

Our solar panel installation service can help you start your own solar energy, and use it to power conventional appliances in your home. The solar panels cost isn’t going to break the bank either. A solar installation has become much more cost effective in recent years. Just look at your utility bill and you will realize that any savings are better than nothing!

Inverter Installation

For inverters to function most efficiently without derating, Los Angeles Solar ensures these are safely placed at a steady temperature and out of direct sunlight.


Which Solar Panel Is Right For You?

Which Solar Panel Is Right For Me?

More forethought is necessary before investing in solar panels, so please consult with us to help you select a panel that best suits your needs.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cost may vary. Simply get in touch with us for free estimates and solar panel options.

Which Solar Panel Is More Efficient?

Los Angeles Solar has a wide array of solar panels according to functionality and requirements.


Solar Panel Maintenance

If any issues are encountered on your solar panels, please call Los Angeles Solar to have them corrected as soon as possible.

System Monitoring

It is recommended that you check in at least once or twice a month to make sure there are problems inhibiting energy production on your system.


Customer Service is Our #1 Priority

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