Enjoy Massive Savings On Your Utility Bills With Los Angeles Ca. Solar Panel System

Installing a home solar installation is essentially the same process, just on a smaller scale. Commercial installations consist of multiple panels that are built together in what is known as an array and is necessary in order to provide a large amount of solar energy needed for business operations. Los Angeles solar companies are fighting to keep fossil fuels in the earth instead of in the massive polution that California has.
Our solar systems are widely available and we are experienced in major solar panel installations for large commercial properties which is more than most local solar companies. We provide solar energy for industrial complexes as well. These types of solar systems are very similar between residential, commercial, and industrial.

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Within a few hours of installation, your panel will begin generating real, clean energy that helps decrease your dependence on local power supplies. Also, now ask about the federal solar tax credit program available now to help you start off on the right foot.


Inverter Installation

Rest assured that our solar inverter has more volts than the storage battery in your solar system.


Solar Panel Maintenance

Our solar panel systems require minimum maintenance, but you can always call us for professional assistance. If you live in Los Angeles proper, there is a chance that we would be able to get out to your home within a few days max.


System Monitoring

Track your panels’ performance and energy consumption information from a solar monitoring system.

WHAT WE OFFERHow Solar Works

Our solar installations are a great option for starting out to help you cut back electricity costs.
Purchasing a solar power inverter from us ensures that you get the maximum possible output from your Los Angeles solar power system.
With the latest advancement in the world of solar power systems, Los Angeles solar panels have also become an easier and wise investment for LA homes. Ask us about local solar incentives as well to save you some cash.
Net metering pushes the electricity you aren’t using back onto the grid and receive a credit from their utility.
Improving the grid’s increase in the reliability and overall energy harvest of solar installation projects are important for integrating huge amounts of renewable energy onto the grid. In the long run, this will reduce how much your solar panels cost
You’ll find that most of your power needs in the garden can be fueled by our solar power installation. Residential solar panels are the most common way to accomplish this.

WHAT WE OFFEROur solar projects


Hubo Group

Elm Brook, ME
  • YGE 60 Cell Series Module Type
  • 4.6 kWp Rated System Power
  • Co2 savings – approx. 5 metric tons

WH Tildesley Ltd

Brooklyn, NY
  • Size – 250 kWp
  • Annual Energy Yield – 372.470 kWh
  • Co2 savings – 115.838 kg

N Brookes Ltd

Boston, MA
  • Rated System Power – 360 kWp
  • 1330 HVAC Solar PANDA  modules
  • Co2 savings – about 46.55 tonnes

HR Smith

San Francisco, CA
  • Module Type – HVAC Panda 60 Cell Series
  • Roof Space Coverage – 35,000 m2
  • Co2 savings – approx. 2,400 tonnes

Lindon Ltd

Brooklyn, NY
  • 65,000 Units;  HVAC 230 module
  • Number of Avg. Homes Powered – 1,900
  • Co2 savings – approx. 16,000 tons

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ABOUT USServicing Los Angeles, California
and its surrounding areas.

If you think home solar power systems are unsafe, think again. Our Los Angeles solar panels are safe to handle; steady and controlled.

Aside from this, rain, lighting or any other concerns about residential solar power are unfounded. Los Angeles Solar panels are built to last and can withstand some heavy beating.

After early questioning of the efficiency of solar cells, their conversion rate has been increasing year on year. Add this to the fact that there is still so much untapped potential with solar energy and it’s easy to see why you might want to invest.

By switching to Los Angeles Solar, you can take yourself off the power grid. No more transmission lines snaking over your roof.

Best Los Angeles Solar Panels

Servicing southern California but mainly Los Angeles, Ca
and its surrounding areas.

In the past, Solar Panels were thought of as very expensive with little benefit against paying the utility company. Today there are many tax credits to keep the cost of solar down and the solar savings up. In order to save money, you can either reduce your kilowatt hours of consumption or get one or more solar panels on your los angeles property. The potential savings for saving money will help with your federal taxes for sure.

When you get a quote to see if you would like to install solar panels on your roof, you will need to know a few things.

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#1 Payback period. It’s important to understand the payback period for the solar lease. It’s also recommended to pay attention to the installation costs associated with this addition to your home. Be sure to pay attention to federal tax credits as well as these will dramatically reduce your total cost.

#2 The whole process. First you will contact us for a quote. A representative will visit with you and your family to determine how many sunny days your roof gets, how shaded the roof is, your energy needs, and of course the best price for you. Then, we will schedule your installation date. As soon as the panels are installed, you will start to see your energy bill go down. It probably won’t go down to $0 but you will definitely notice the difference.

#3 Installation costs. These are the costs that are already factored into your quote from us. The only reason you should know these installation costs is when comparing solar quotes from other companies. These solar quotes should be detailed and include every cost that you will pay as well as many other factors.

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Going solar is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Your main objective is to save money. Remember the federal tax credits as well. Be prepared to talk to your account representative about your federal taxes as well as these credits to see how they will help you save money on the cost of solar. They should be very cost effective and your representative should be able to tell you exactly how much you will be saving by getting panels installed.

It’s highly recommended that if you have tall trees blocking space on the roof where the sun shines that you get these trimmed down. Don’t do it before the account representative gives you the quote, let him inform you if you need to trim the trees or not.

Another item that most people forget about is to try and determine how long you will be in the home for. Solar panels are often difficult to transfer from one house to the next. If you sell the home, it is probably that you will need to leave the panels on the roof. This is often a good thing though. The appraisal on the home should reflect that you have panels on the roof and thus increase the price of your house! If you do indeed move to a different property, its important to know if you are still in your solar lease or not. Either way, it’s very cost effective to move the panels, just ask your representative.


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Our solar installers complete continuing education courses in Los Angeles to ensure we can provide solar panel system solutions to the most difficult problems and issues. We work efficiently and effectively to ensure great support for you and save you money on your utility bill.

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