Solar PanelsIs Solar Power Worth The Cost?

January 9, 2018by Creative M.

Solar power options have been available for many years now, and although the costs associated with adding solar power for your home have decreased dramatically, the fact is that it’s still somewhat too expensive for most homeowners.

Although we’ve had photo-voltaic (solar) technology for many years, it’s only recently gone into high gear with great advances being achieved.

Purchasing solar panels commercially, however, isn’t feasible for many to take advantage of the greatest, free source of energy on the planet — our sun.

Enough energy from the sun, in the form of sunlight, strikes the Earth’s surface every day to supply all the power we would need for an entire year to power everything on Earth.

It’s just a matter of collecting as much as we can within our financial constraints.

For those on limited budgets, or even for those that just don’t want to invest many thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in a commercial system that won’t pay for itself for many years, there is another very interesting solution: home-built solar panels.

Probably most people would think it would be a technical, labor-intensive undertaking to construct your own solar panels, it’s actually quite easy.

Besides the unbelievable amount of money that can be saved, it’s actually a very rewarding project.

With only simple hand tools, supplies that can be purchased at your local hardware store, and individual solar cells, you can build your first solar panel in just a few hours and as funds permit, you can add to your home solar powered electrical generator.

There are many different ways to utilize your home-built solar panels. You can build just a panel or two and power direct current powered devices directly, you can add a charge controller and batteries, and store the energy collected by the panels, and also attach the batteries to an inverter and power alternating current devices in your home.

Should you choose to build enough panels you can live totally off-grid, using no electricity from the local utility company.

The best advantage that most people that live totally on the power supplied by their own system have is being able to sell any excess electricity back to the power company.

Of course for this type of system to work, you must remain ‘grid-tied,’ still being connected to the power grid so that a meter can calculate the amount of electricity that is going to the power grid.

So, if you’re considering solar power for your home, don’t conclude that it’s so expensive that it’s out of your price range.

By investing just a few dollars at a time, you can build a system as large as you need. Once you’ve seen how easy it is to build your own solar panels, you can even build a portable system to take on camping trips, or panels that you can easily mount on your camper or RV.

The possibilities are many once you’ve seen how easy and cost-effective it is to build your own solar panels to provide solar power for your home…and more.

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